Society today is very much indebted to tradition, yet we want to surpass it. The intention of my
research is to reconstruct cultural identity in my contemporary environment. Tradition is naturally reinvented in our process of transition and the
evolving of new social context, but it is never being left behind.

Globalization may not necessarily be about Western imposition, but rather the cultural development
arising from the emergence of diversity itself. Originating from a young country built on diverse roots, I would like to attempt to bridge Eastern and Western influences, building macro understanding with micro emotions, evolving sensibility and irrationality into an abstract rationality.

The only way to establish a Contemporary would be to build it upon Tradition, which explains my
medium choice of Chinese ink on rice paper. Furthermore, using an ancient yet still thought-provoking subject matter of the Scholar’s rock invites viewers to contemplate how perception and
culture has changed according to our social and environmental context.

A rock will always be a rock, just like how ink will always remain ink. Is there a true definition to what is Eastern or Western? What is truly old or new? After all it’s the mind that bends, not the spoon.

“传统” 在我们的社会更变下 一直不停地改变
多亮丽的石头 你怎么叫 它永远也只是个石头。
相同,墨 始终也只是墨。

(Last updated July 2016)